What we do

All over the world sport is an important part of social life. Sport is excitement, euphoria, happiness, emotions, friendship and much more. We are convinced that sport is especially suitable to support positive social changes. Everywhere on earth organizations establish and run sport programs and sport projects promoting sustainable development and education, motivating people of all ages and helping to improve living conditions.Über uns

Basketball for Development e.V is using sport as the core instrument to contribute to basic education, social integration, nature conservation and health education.

Wheelchair Basketball

Living conditions of underprivileged young people especially in developing countries shall be improved with the foundation and maintenance of sport centers and the realization of social, health education and conservation projects. Furthermore the social commitment between the participants shall be strengthened to ensure they are not only receiving support but also contribute to support others. Main objective of Basketball for Development e.V. is also the motivation of other groups and people to collaborate and contribute in supporting young people to improve their lives and to build respect and tolerance for other religions, cultures and ethnic groups.
On top of this the society will be sensitized for the problem of the youth. To promote the various projects Basketball for Development is aiming on the close collaboration with entrepreneurs, NGO’s and governmental structures and services.

Basketballs for Development e.V. will in collaboration with local partners refurbish existing basketball courts and construct new ones according to quality standards. Planned (if not existing) is also the refurbishment or construction of meeting or event facilities where environmental and health education sessions can take place. Special focus will be on HIV/AIDS sensitization and prevention.

The Basketball for Development Centers are going to serve as facilities to provide all youth regardless of origin or social status a place to meet to socialize and develop personality.

Young people are invited to actively contribute towards the aims and objectives of the sportcenter and to plan, elaborate and realize social and nature conservation activities.Über uns_2

Frequent tournaments with the registered players will be organized where teams are going to play according to FIBA33 and Basketball for Development (special social rules) rules and to present and discuss their social and environmental activities and projects. Social and sporting performance is contributing to the final team score. Tournament prices will contribute to social and health security and support education.