Mutengene Basketball Center

Rev. Ps. Toguh Godlove, National Coodinator of Live Word Mission, is running a school of more than 500 underprivileged childrens and orphans in Mutengene South West Region, Cameroon.
Our national cameroonian partner Pro Climate International and Live Word Mission will contract and supervise the construction of a basketball court which is going to become central part of the planned Basketball Center.

In collaboration with the Cameroonian Basketball Federation and national partners working in resource management and conservation, malaria and HIV/AIDS prevention and education, Basketball for Development will launch an opening tournament.

Youngsters between 9 and 18 will be invited to build gender mixed teams for the tournament. In the run up and as precondition for the registration the teams will be invited and guided to participate in social or nature conservation projects or to plan and implement own small projects or activities. In the frame of the tournament the teams are going to give a short presentation of what they did, will evaluate one another and points will be awarded mutually which, together with fair play points to be gathered will contribute to the tournament team score.

Tournament winner will be the one with the most points in all three “competitions” combined.

Other special tournament rules will contribute towards social integration, positive dialog and acceptance between the young people.
For example it is mandatory to have at least one male player and one female player permanent on court.
Points scored by girls count double.
Before every match the teams will get to know each other and have a small chat about what they consider to be fair play.

In the frame of the tournament, Pro Climate International, Basketball for Development and national partners working in resource management and conservation, malaria and HIV/AIDS prevention and education are going to inform the players and visitors about their fields of activities and opportunities for participation and collaboration.

Events to inform on HIV/AIDS and Malaria prevention as well as nature conservation are going to be integral part of future activities within the Basketball Center.

The school has classrooms which can be used as meeting and event facilities for future Basketball for Development activities.
Lessons in nature conservation, health and hygiene education will be delivered.
The school personnel is going to be part of the activities.
There will be a strong focus on HIV/AIDS sensitization and education.

Sport is all over the world well recognized to be an instrument against distribution and consequences of HIV/AIDS since the risk group youth is approached.
It is also recognized that this group is more sensitive to the messages to be submitted as they are delivered with the attractive power of sport.

The sport center will serve as a point of attraction and meeting facility and will contribute to provide the youth with a place to meet, to chat and to develop.
All youngsters interested in basketball are going to be invited to be part of the planned programs, to participate in social and nature conservation activities or to design, propose and implement their own ideas.
Frequent tournaments will be carried out where besides the sports competition, social and nature conservation projects and activities will be discussed, presented and rewarded. Girls will be especially encouraged.
Points for the tournament score can therefore be obtained through sport performance but also through social and nature conservation engagement.
Prices to be awarded are going to support education (school fees, books and equipment), social security and health insurance (payment for Mutual Health insurance or mosquito nets).
Participating in the various projects the young people are learning about solidarity social engagement and the necessity and advantages to not only receive support but also to contribute to
support others.

The location of Mutengene is central between the towns Buea, Tiko and Limbe, were basketball is well known and teams of the Cameroonian Basketball Federation are registered.