Successful start: Wheelchair Basketball Training in Buea

As already announced here, the start of the planned training sessions of the wheelchair basketball players in Buea took place on February 3, 2018 at 9 am.

A total of 25 participants prepared with national coach Francois Xavier Nyobe and coach Efon for the upcoming season and were allowed to show who worked on physical fitness and ball handling during the rain break.

The obligatory warming up and stretching awakened muscles and senses after the longer break for the first drills with ball and basket.

It was clear afterwards that there would also be a game on the big field this year to round off the event.

As in the last tournament, the basketball players expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to train together through full commitment and enjoyment.

The food for the almost six hours training session came this time from the own ranks and, like the transport to the training area, was promoted accordingly. We thank everyone involved for the great atmosphere and energetic commitment, it was again a pleasure to see what is possible!

To enable people with disabilities to participate regularly in popular sports in southwest Cameroon, our training courses fill an existing gap where state support is lacking.
With your donation you can enable the participants to experience a feeling of effectiveness and importance in everyday life and to establish it long-term.