Dunking Aids Out

Dunking Aids Out-Seminar for Basketball Coaches

Learning about AIDS through Basketball Movement Games

As a response to the increasing social and economic impact of the pandemic AIDS, Basketball for Development in partnership with Reach Out Cameroon aims to mobilize young Cameroonians who are one of the most vulnerable groups to the pandemic to promote HIV/AIDS prevention and control in the South West Region using diverse strategies. One of such is mainstreaming HIV/AIDS education during basketball activities. The future of every nation lies in its youths and investing in them is building a strong foundation for future leaders by maximizing their potentials.

Within this context Basketball for Development – in collaboration with Reach Out Cameroon and other stakeholders – seeks to reduce the trend of HIV/AIDS in Buea and surrounding towns using the power of sports in general and basketball in particular in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the South West Region and to help build life skills and inspire healthy lifestyles.

The Dunking Aids Out (DAO) Manual presents an innovative example that practically demonstrates the usefulness of sports, physical activity or physical education (P.E.) activities in the acquisition of important life skills. Dunking Aids Out specifically demonstrates how Basketball movement games can be a powerful methodology to help young people, who love and play the game of Basketball, to learn about HIV/AIDS and other related issues through their active participation. Learning this way provides a platform that promotes enjoyment, encourages cooperative learning and physically demands the involvement of the participant.

Basketball for Development acknowledges the advantages of the methodology and therefore intends to train 15-20 basketball trainers from Buea, Limbe, Tiko and Mutengene in using the manual and how to carry out the movement games during the basketball training with children and young people.

The first DAO seminar will take place from the 19.11.2011 to the 20.11.2011 in the Basketball for Development Center in Mutengene.

Goal and objectives

The project planned seeks to use Basketball as a tool to deliver education on HIV/AIDS and STIS with the aim of preventing more young people and other community members from contracting the diseases and reducing “the stigma” associated with HIV/AIDS.

Specific Objectives:

1. Develop life skills through sport.

2. Promote physical activity and active living.

3. Encourage children to play together.

4. Promote safety of the available facilities through a thorough safety audit at all sessions.

5. Promote FUN-based physical activities which are non competitive.

6. Foster social inclusion, embracing the sporting abilities of all participants.

7. Promote multiculturalism.

8. Provide a platform for peer leadership on the play ground

9. Increase the productivity of the child and lessen demand on activity leader’s time.

10. Make children more active through fun and participation

Target Group and Beneficiaries

All active voluntary basketball coaches from Buea, Tiko, Mutengene and Limbe will be enrolled. The children and youths in the teams of the participants will benefit from DAO. During basketball tournaments in Buea, Basketball for Development has identified 227 children and youths involved in regular training sessions in Buea and the surroundings. Those young Cameroonians and many more not yet identified will benefit from the methodology and will be encouraged to spread the messages in their communities.