Wheelchair Basketball

April 2017: 40″ Container with aids for handicapped people arrived at Buea

In April 2017 a packed container with wheelchairs, walking sticks, toilet chairs and many other aids arrived at the Associated Center for the Handicapped (ARCH) in Buea. In a very emotional and nice ceremony the material was distributed to the beneficiaries and lots of more equipment will be stored at ARCH for further use. Also a board were 12 sport wheelchairs for our whellchair-basketball program. We are now going to organise a regular training. After the rains Robin Kaltenbach will travel to Buea for a ToT-workshop (Training of Trainer).



Try-out and Information Day

On the 5th of January 2013 Basketball for Development e.V. implemented the first WheelchairTry-out and Information Day at the Basketball for Development Centre in Mutengene/Kamerun. Robin Kaltenbach, presently in Kamerun for an internship, did a great job in organsing and conducting the event.


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19 people with physical disabilities and interested in wheelchair basketball, many official -among others the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Social Affairs- and press representatives experienced an interesting and exiting event. The official representative of Basketball for Development e.V in Kamerun, Mr. Jean-Claude Tsafack presented the organisation and reported on Basketball for Development e.V. projects and activities. Mr. Efon Constantin -basketball specialist, basketball coach and referee of the Cameroonian Basketball Federation- gave an input on advantages and potentials of sports in general and basketball in particular. A very active discussion took place on possibilities of collaboration with local support groups and governmental services as well as on needs, recommendations and threads for wheelchair basketball projects. Afterwards all participants took advantage from the possibilty to try their wheelchair basketball skills in practice on the court. Robin introduced useful technics in drbbling, passing and scoring. All together a perfect day with precious information for all participants and definitely lots of fun.

Many other activities are at planning stage: Material has to be purchased, Teams will be established and coaches will be trained. Basketball for Development e.V. is going to elaborate funding applications and a detailed project planning report will soon be available on this page.