(Deutsch) Verlosung Gewinnspiel Normandie

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Der Gewinner des Gewinnspieles 2015 ist in diesem Jahr:

Familie Stenzinger

Wir danken Familie Stenzinger und allen anderen Spendern noch einmal von ganzem Herzen für die großzügigen Spenden

         Verlosung unter allen Spendern

Basketball for Development Olympic Games 2015

Saturday, the 19th of Dezember 2015, the second edition of Basketball for Development Olympic Games took places in Buea, Cameroon. Mixed teams of girls and boys and different ages spent a nice day playing, having fun and learning together. As usual coach Efon Elad Constantin integrated lots of learning games from the DUNKING-AIDS-OUT seminar while warming up and during the tournament. Something to eat at breaktime reenergized everybody for the finals.

At the end small prizes could be taken by the winners and every kid went home with some small gifts.

At this point we would like to thank our team in Cameroon and all the voluntary helpers very much for their efforts and power keeping Basketball for Development running in Cameroon. We wish everybody Merry x-mas, a quiet and relaxing time and a good start into 2016.

More photos under Facebook

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Announcement: Basketball for Development Olympic 2015

On the 19th of December 2015 the second Basketball for Development Olympic Games will take place at Buea/Cameroon. Following the success of previous year’s event, the Basketball for Development Olympic Games will be a day full of games and activities all around basketball.
An important part will be the social and health topics such as the Dunking-AIDS-Out seminar.

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8:00 am – Arrival of the teams and participants
9:00 am – Singing of the national anthem
9:15 am – An opening word from Mr Tsafack Jean Claude
9:30 am – Drill one: I AM A PLAYA
9:50 am – DAO STATIONS
10:30 am – BAG RAISE RELAY
11:30 am – STICK RELAY
12:00 pm – BASKETBALL MARCHES: G S Group 1 vs. G S Group 2 Girls
12:40 pm – Mountain Kids vs. Buea town children
1:20 pm – GS Group 1 vs. GS Group 2 boys
3:00 pm – Closing word by Mr Tsafack Jean Claude

Baskeball for Development Center News

Still in daily use and an important venue for students, teenager and basketball enthusiasts. This is the Basketball for Development Center Mutengene in 2015.
Due to the high number of new registrations our Partner Live Word Mission International expanded the school in cooperation with their international partners.

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Opened in 2011 the Basketball for Development Center in Mutengene provides space for lessons, meetings and events. The Center offers place for basketball tournaments, information sessions about malaria and HIV/AIDS prevention and education as well as environmental protection. More pictures on Facebook

Waste gathering before every training

The rules are simple: Anyone who wants to play basketball needs to help cleaning the environment.
An important part of Basketball for Development training is the garbage collecting. Before each traing the team takes a short trip to different places in the area and collects rubbish. This is delivered in bags at the city council. The object of this project is to strengthen the children’s sense of responsibility.

Müllsammeln vor jedem Training