Basketball for Development Rules:

Basketball for Development tournaments will be played according to international basketball rules or FIBA 33 Rules.

Additional Basketball for Development rules:

  1. Prior to every match the team have a short talk and get to know each other.
  2. There is no referee. Fouls are to be indicated by the player committing the foul by raising a hand . Disagreements between the teams/players have to be solved among themselve. This process is going to be supported and guided by mediators.
  3. Constructive criticism and coaching will be practiced. Insulting and hard personal criticism is neither accepted in the own nor against the opposing team. No screaming, no cursing.
  4. Each team has to play with at least one male and one female player permanently on court.
  5. Points made by female players count double.
  6. Fair play points will be awarded which are together with the match points contributing to the final team score of the tournament.