Basketball for Development General Assembly 2013

The Basketball for Development General Assembly took place the 24th of November at the BBFD-Headquarter in Lich/Hessen. Beside many internal topics and very constructive planning sessions we were able to welcome two new member for the Basketball for Development team.

With Robin Kaltenbach an Mario Haas two very experienced and motivated young development specialists joint our NGO. Both of them worked already succesfully as project manager for Basketball for Development. Both now Cameroon from a long term stay.··

On of the main topics of the assembly was the integrating of the very precious experiences of Dr. Horst Strohkendl in our project work. Dr. Strohkendl is not only on of the most recognized specialists in wheelchair sport with decades of experience but also the inventor of the point classification for wheelchair basketball which is used internationally and a recognized world standard. ·Dr. Strohkendl has worked in many countries worldwide for example in wheelchair basketball projects in Uganda and Iran.

A team of Basketball for Development members was able to meet Dr. Strohkendl in October in Cologne. In a very interesting discussion, where Dr. Strohkendl shared his enormous experience with our friends, he signalized his willingness to support us in our project work in Cameroon by conducting a wheelchair basketball seminar week at our Basketball for Development Center in Mutengene.

Project work has started and soon we will be able to give more details.

Wheelchair Basketball

Try-out and Information Day

On the 5th of January 2013 Basketball for Development e.V. implemented the first WheelchairTry-out and Information Day at the Basketball for Development Centre in Mutengene/Kamerun. Robin Kaltenbach, presently in Kamerun for an internship, did a great job in organsing and conducting the event.

Rollstuhlbasketball1 Rollstuhlbasketball2

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19 people with physical disabilities and interested in wheelchair basketball, many official -among others the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Social Affairs- and press representatives experienced an interesting and exiting event. The official representative of Basketball for Development e.V in Kamerun, Mr. Jean-Claude Tsafack presented the organisation and reported on Basketball for Development e.V. projects and activities. Mr. Efon Constantin -basketball specialist, basketball coach and referee of the Cameroonian Basketball Federation- gave an input on advantages and potentials of sports in general and basketball in particular. A very active discussion took place on possibilities of collaboration with local support groups and governmental services as well as on needs, recommendations and threads for wheelchair basketball projects. Afterwards all participants took advantage from the possibilty to try their wheelchair basketball skills in practice on the court. Robin introduced useful technics in drbbling, passing and scoring. All together a perfect day with precious information for all participants and definitely lots of fun.

Many other activities are at planning stage: Material has to be purchased, Teams will be established and coaches will be trained. Basketball for Development e.V. is going to elaborate funding applications and a detailed project planning report will soon be available on this page.

Event Day and Girls-Basketball tournament around the International Womens Day 2012

Since 5 years the German Cooperation in Cameroon in collaboration with national organisations and services organises around the International Womens Day “la Semaine des Femmes et Filles Fortes (FFF)”. Various activities and events are taking place around the very important topic of women empowerment and the reinforcement of the role of women in the society. In collaboration with the German International Cooperation (GIZ) Basketball for Development e.V and the national partner ProClimate International organised a march and a girls basketball tournament on the 7th of Mai 2012. The march ended in the Buea Sports Complex were the the girls basketball tournament took place. The day, which certainly contributed to the enhancement of awareness on women’s and girls’ concerns, ended with good sports, fun and a price award.
Teams from BCTS Molyko, GTHS Molyko and GSS Buea Town 1 played the played a very fair tournament. The winner was GSS Buea Town 1.

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Weltfrauentag 2012 Weltfrauentag 2012_1

Basketball for Development Center Mutengene inaugurated

On Saturday the 26th of November the Basketball for Development Center in Mutengene was successfully inaugurated. Mrs. Katrin Simon, the attaché culturel of the German Embassy in Yaoundé arrived in Mutengene to cut the ribbon and to experience an exciting youth tournament and lots of other interesting activities.

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Basketball for Development Center