Preparations for Training-of-trainers (ToT) seminar in 2016 are in full swing

Vorbereitungen für Training-of TrainerWith the help of a generous donation by World Shop in Landau preparations are currently ongoing for the long-planned Wheelchair Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop at the Basketball for Development Center in Mutengene. Our team in Buea has begun to evaluate the necessary measures at the Center. Together with the Modern Vocational Program (MVP) Workshop, which offers Wheelchair bulding and repairing in Buea, the first prototypes are built and tested. Once suitable wheelchairs can be built on budget, we will than produce the first ten Wheelchairs, test them in different workouts and continue to improve them. In the dry season 2015/2016 Project Robin Kaltenbach will leave with another wheelchair basketball specialists to Cameroon to hold a one-week training-for-trainers workshop in Mutenge on the Basketball for Development Center.
The donations received so far allows us to prepare everything very well. However, for the implementation of the seminar and other activities at the Center, we kindly ask all friends and supporters for donations.

FENASCO Games 2015

The Basketball for Development teams coached by Efon Elad Constantin successfully participated at the Fenasco Games. In the finals of the FENASCO 2015 Games the teams have won two cups.

FENASCO Games 2015 FENASCO Games 2015_1 FENASCO Games 2015_2

About 1500 athletes and coaches from Secondary Schools and Colleges participated at the FENASCO Games 2015. Athletes were involved in games like football, handball, volleyball, basketball and athletics.

Lottery win trip to the Normandy

Julia Baldauf is the happy winner of the trip to the beautiful Normandie in France.

We would like to use the opportunity to thank all donors and especially Bosse Holiday Houses for the fantastic price sponsored for this lottery.

We would be very greatful if you could also think about Basketball for Development e.V. in 2015.

Verlosung der Reise in die Normandie

Basketball for Development Olympic Games 2014

Basketball for Development Olympic Games 2014

Basketball for Development Olympic Games 2014_1


On the 20th of December 2014 the first Basketball for Development Olympic Games took place at Buea/Cameroon. On initiative of coach Efon Elad Constantine and Tillmann Repp a day of games all around basketball was designed and important social and health topics such as the content of previous Dunking-AIDS-Out Seminars were integratet.

Teams from all over Buea, for the first time also Kids from the Mountain Kids Orphanage participated. During the tournament all team awarded fair play point to the competing teams and at the end of the tournament the Fair-Play Price was awarded to the fairest team.

Please find more pictures here: Basketball for Developement Olympic Games 2014

Activities by volunteers in 2014

Supported by various sponsors the volunteers Linda Mafor, Mirjam Büttel, Patricia Stemper, Jonathan Hähnle and Henricke Breitsprecher were able to conduct quite a number of very interessting activities with good resonse of the children of Buea in May and June 2014. As usual they received precious support by Jean-Claude Tsafack and his team and our well known Basketball coach Efon Constantin.

Aktivitäten durch freiwillige Helfer in 2014

You can read the activity report here: Report on activities May/June 2014

In the name of Basketball for Development we would like to express our appreciation on all those efforts and say thank you very much for the report and the fantastic fotos to all volunteers and the Basketball for Development team Buea.