Licher Vereinsgolfen

Successful participation at the Licher NGO golfing

The Licher Golf-Club e.V. invited to the 2nd NGO golfing on September, 16th 2016.
17 teams from and around Lich competed in the tournament, which was played on the last four holes of the facility.
Allowed to participate only were members, which do not have a Handicap/Permission to play (PR), so the outcome was open and the end result exciting.
The Basketball for Development e.V. team started with four members and was able to achieve a descent third place.

Licher Vereinsgolfen Licher Vereinsgolfen Licher Vereinsgolfen Licher Vereinsgolfen

Robin und ich RC

Presentation of Basketball for Development at the Rotary Club Rosenheim Innstadt

On Monday, 4th April 2016, we had been invited to present our Organisation and our work in Cameroon to the Rotary Club Rosenheim Innstadt.

Robin und ich RC

The Rotary Club supports charity projects worldwide and demonstrated in this way interest in our Buea/Mutengene Basketball for Development Center.

For this we would like to kindly thank the Rotary Club Rosenheim Innstadt an especially Mr. Scheidt who made this evening possible.


Basketball for Development Olympic Games 2015

Saturday, the 19th of Dezember 2015, the second edition of Basketball for Development Olympic Games took places in Buea, Cameroon. Mixed teams of girls and boys and different ages spent a nice day playing, having fun and learning together. As usual coach Efon Elad Constantin integrated lots of learning games from the DUNKING-AIDS-OUT seminar while warming up and during the tournament. Something to eat at breaktime reenergized everybody for the finals.

At the end small prizes could be taken by the winners and every kid went home with some small gifts.

At this point we would like to thank our team in Cameroon and all the voluntary helpers very much for their efforts and power keeping Basketball for Development running in Cameroon. We wish everybody Merry x-mas, a quiet and relaxing time and a good start into 2016.

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